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A Letter to my Pastor

What is a pastor?

The definition is, “a minister in charge of a Christian church or congregation.”

But to me, a pastor is the one you trust to give you the Word of God…the real, true Word of God…He/She makes sure you know the TRUTH…the GOSPEL…the love of God…

They are full of love for God, his/her church, and people in general…

They’re right there when you need them…

A pastor is always a phone call away…

They will check on you, pray for you, and tell you frequently how much they love you (and you’ll know it’s true).

A pastor deserves to be told how appreciated they are, as well as their spouse.

Mine is a perfect example of what a pastor should be.

I wanted to write a letter to my pastor, and if you feel the same way for yours, feel free to use this letter for inspiration.

They need our love and prayers as much as we need love and prayers.


A Letter to my Pastor


I thank God for bringing my family and me to your church, so we could hear the TRUE GOSPEL, we could know what a church is supposed to feel like, and we could know what it looks like to love people with a genuine love.

You don’t water anything down, and I appreciate that about you. I don’t want a watered-down Gospel…I want the truth!

I have learned so much since coming to what I now call my church. I know I can always trust that you get your answers…your facts…straight from the Bible and I never need to question one sermon you give to us.

I, as well as my family, feel so blessed to be members of such a loving church with a loving pastor and wife.

Some people may not like to hear the truth, because it can sting sometimes, but I do and you always provide truth to us! I pray for those that want to hear what they want to hear, not what the Bible says, and I know you do as well!

You are always quick to check on us when we miss church. You don’t forget about us. You keep us motivated and honestly, the accountability is helpful (although we know we should just get there regardless- NO EXCUSES). 

If we are in the hospital, you are there…

If we are sick, you are there…

If we ask for prayer, YOU DO IT, and you get a whole group to pray as well with your prayer request chain. I know there is more that goes into that than we all realize, and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

You encourage us all to keep going! 

You encourage our youth to stay strong!

You make us laugh when we need it the most!

Through your own weariness, exhaustion, and worrisome situations, you continue to be there for all of us.

It does not go UNNOTICED!

When I first came to the church for a visit, I was full of sadness from losing my dad…I had no hope, and I didn’t really know what to do to get that hope…that peace…that I so desperately needed.

Yes, I was (am) happily married with 3 beautiful, healthy children…I had (have) a good job, as well as my husband, and we never wanted for anything.

But, walking into that church, I knew something was missing, and, through God, you provided the answers I needed.

You do this thing where you have everyone bow their head and close their eyes, and you tell people to please raise their hands if they are lost or need a closer walk with God, or they just need prayer.

People can raise their hands without anyone but you and God seeing that hand. Then, you encourage, not force, anyone that raised their hand to go to the altar.

On my third visit to the church, I raised my hand, and I went to the altar.

I gave my life to the Lord that day!

Did you know that?

Did you know that because of that one seemingly small action, I gave my life to the Lord?

Well, if you didn’t…now you do.

My heart was pounding in my chest, and I felt the warmth as I raised my hand. I knew when you encouraged those that raised their hand to go to the altar, I HAD TO GO

I no longer cared what anyone thought of me like I had so many times in the past.

Of course, all glory to God for that day. But He used you for someone like me…

Someone like all of us…

I am forever grateful to God for bringing us to your church!

You, as well as your wife, do SO MUCH for our church, and for my family.

(To your wife: You are also so very appreciated. You are always right there by his side, helping him, and in turn, helping our church. Your sweet nature, your loving demeanor, is felt as soon as anyone is within 10 feet of you. I love you so much as well!)

So, Pastor, this letter is for you. My words on paper (or the like) has always been better than my words in person. I hope this somewhat conveys my love for both you and your wife.

I would love to do more for you, and maybe one day I will, but for now, I will use this platform to tell you that I love you and your wife and I appreciate you both! 


With love,


Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine. -1 Timothy 5:17

Let him that is taught in the word communicate unto him that teacheth in all good things. -Galatians 6:6

By Jesica: The Proverbs Mama

Busy, but BLESSED. Yep, that's me! My name is Jesica (yes, one 's') and I am a wife of a gorgeous, loving husband, a mom of three fantastic, beautiful girls (as well as a HUGE German Shepherd and an adorable chocolate lab). Oh, and I work full-time. So, as you can imagine, I stay pretty busy with a 40-hour work week, cooking, cleaning, gymnastics, ballet, doctor visits, vet visits, grocery shopping...and let's not forget trying to make sure my husband and I make memories other than us running around trying to get work and chores done...whew...So I am sure you're wondering why I started a blog on top of all of that...Well, I am starting a blog to help other moms, not only by giving tips for parenting, cooking, or cleaning, but to let you know that NONE of us are perfect and we ALL do things that we are sure NO OTHER mom does. Well, I am here to tell you that we ALL do that thing that you're sure NO OTHER mom does. So, grab a cup of coffee (or whatever your preference) and start feeling GOOD about your abilities as a mom, dad, wife, or husband. For we are fearfully and wonderfully made by our God, and His works are MARVELOUS.

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