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Why I use an Instant Pot

Why I use an Instant Pot

Let me ask you a question.

Have you used the popular, very talked-about Instant Pot?!?!

If you said yes, then you already know how amazing it is, and I don’t need to tell you a thing.

If you said no, then hopefully by the end of this post you’ll want to go straight to and buy you one.

Let me tell you why an Instant Pot is a must-have in the kitchen…

  • It saves you time
  • It’s easy to stay on budget with the cheap, dump and leave recipes
  • It saves you time
  • It makes food DELICIOUS (juicy tender meats, flavor that explodes in your mouth)
  • It saves you time
  • It’s easy to learn
  • Oh, and it saves you time.

I am pretty sure you have realized by now my favorite reason for having the Instant Pot.


And isn’t that our goal as the busy mommas that we are?

The Answer

YES! Of course, that is our goal!

We work an 8-hour day, pick up kids from wherever they may be (unless they’re at home), maybe run to the store to get a few things, finally get home where you see 10 things that need to be done at first glance…

Oh, and now you have to look in the kitchen for something to cook.


Yeah, we can’t all cook dinners that require more than one pot, more than 5 ingredients (total), and more than 30 minutes.

Not with the dishes that need washed already, the floors that need cleaning, the mountain of laundry that only seems to get bigger, and then, of course, you want to give some of your attention to your precious children.

I don’t know about you, but I was really tired of my kids seeing me do nothing but work, cook, and clean.

I didn’t spend the time I should have with them because by the time I got home (around 6 pm), defrosted meat (because I always forgot), and got started on the cooking/cleaning, I barely had time to eat with my family before it was time to clean all of that up and get everyone ready for bed.

Sound familiar?

Well, say hello to the Instant Pot.


A kitchen appliance that allows you to use only one pot, very few ingredients (a lot of recipes with 3 ingredients or less), and can take 30 minutes or less.


I know, I know…You’re thinking,

” That’s exactly what I need! Where do I get it? How much is it?”

Glad you asked.

My husband bought mine on for around $150 last year, but it has gone down to between $80 and $120!!!

That is a fantastic deal!

There are 5 people in my family, and I have to make enough to have leftovers for my husband’s lunch the next day, so my husband bought the biggest one they offered (8 QT).

The instant pot comes with the following right in the box:

  • A stainless steel inner pot
  • A stainless steel lid
  • A steam rack
  • A sealing ring
  • Steam release handle
  • Float Valve

It also comes with a manual and a little recipe book, as well as a couple of utensils (large spoons).

The Instant Pot is perfect when you want to be able to multi-task without running yourself to death. With the minimal clean-up and the ability to do your other chores while the Instant Pot is doing its magic, you have more time with your kiddos.

That’s a win-win if you ask me.

Time-saving is only a part of the endless benefits of using an Instant Pot.

It can do the work of 7 different kitchen appliances.

Of course, you may not use the majority of the kitchen appliances it replaces, as the yogurt maker. You’re busy…you don’t have time to make your own yogurt, much less buy the appliance to do so.

But, it does have a rice maker setting (if you don’t use Instant Rice as I do), it has a crockpot setting (WHOO HOO), it has the saute setting (for onions, ground meat, etc), and finally, my favorite setting, the pressure cooker.

That alone is four kitchen appliances that you, as a busy mom or dad, may actually use on a regular basis.

I love to be able to saute my onion on the saute setting, then throw in my meat (with some kind of liquid!!), and put in my steam rack for some baked potatoes or veggies, and turn on the Pressure Cooker for, oh, maybe 10 minutes (depending on size of meat and potatoes).

A whole, delicious meal in ONE pot, and in minimal time. If you throw in some paper plates, you have almost NO dishes.

While it was cooking, you were able to get your other stuff done, so now that your kitchen basically stayed clean during cooking, you are able to sit with your family and enjoy their company before bedtime.

Don’t you want that for yourself?

So, head on over to and purchase your Instant Pot today!

Wait! One more thing…

Keep an eye out for my top 15 favorite Instant Pot meals for busy bees everywhere!

By Jesica: The Proverbs Mama

Busy, but BLESSED. Yep, that's me! My name is Jesica (yes, one 's') and I am a wife of a gorgeous, loving husband, a mom of three fantastic, beautiful girls (as well as a HUGE German Shepherd and an adorable chocolate lab). Oh, and I work full-time. So, as you can imagine, I stay pretty busy with a 40-hour work week, cooking, cleaning, gymnastics, ballet, doctor visits, vet visits, grocery shopping...and let's not forget trying to make sure my husband and I make memories other than us running around trying to get work and chores done...whew...So I am sure you're wondering why I started a blog on top of all of that...Well, I am starting a blog to help other moms, not only by giving tips for parenting, cooking, or cleaning, but to let you know that NONE of us are perfect and we ALL do things that we are sure NO OTHER mom does. Well, I am here to tell you that we ALL do that thing that you're sure NO OTHER mom does. So, grab a cup of coffee (or whatever your preference) and start feeling GOOD about your abilities as a mom, dad, wife, or husband. For we are fearfully and wonderfully made by our God, and His works are MARVELOUS.

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Omanda Mitche;;
Omanda Mitche;;

Hi Jesica. I am your 2nd cousin on your moms side. I have been reading your blog and wanted to tell you that I think it’s a great blog. Can’t wait to read more. I’d also like at add that I use my pressure cooker all the time. I have 3 of them that are electric and 1 for the stove top. I also have some of the pot in pot, pots. spring form pan, and the egg bites mold, which you can do all kinds of thing in,


Loved reading your description of the instant pot! I do not work outside the home, but it is still the same issues by that time of day. I am definitely going to buy myself one of the 8 qt instant pots!