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How to save over $1,000 for Christmas in LESS THAN a year!

It’s that time again…already.


Your kids are telling you what they want for Christmas (from you and Santa)…

You are looking at your bank account in tears wondering how you will swing it this year…

You are promising yourself that you will get through it again this year, and you are going to save money from now on!

Usually, by the time Christmas is over, you forget about the promise you made to yourself.

I know we always did…

We did all of the above EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

Finally, after Christmas 2017, my husband and I decided we were done with this yearly struggle!

We were done maxing out credit cards for Christmas…

We were done skipping a bill here and there for Christmas…

We were done with the stress involved with gift-buying for Christmas…

Christmas shouldn’t be stressful! It should be a time of love, laughter, and, most importantly, all about Jesus!

(Do you think it pleases Jesus that we stress out over materialistic things on a day that should be all about Him?)

Nevertheless, gift buying has become a thing of Christmas as well (just please be sure you teach your kids, and practice it yourselves, the REAL meaning of Christmas).

Matthew 1:23

With that said, let me tell you what my husband and I did to eliminate the money crisis every year!

I mean, it’s so simple…so easy…you won’t believe you didn’t think of it yourself (and maybe you did, you just didn’t think it would work).

Have you ever tried to save money, only to constantly get into your savings because you “need” it?

Yeah, that was me. I am NOT disciplined when it comes to saving money.

Yes, we pay all of our bills, on time, every month, and I would always have money automatically transferred into my savings account at my bank.

Here was the problem…I could get on my phone app, click transfer, and BOOM…that money was in my regular account for the spending.

When you’re saving, you aren’t supposed to count that money as “money you have” on a regular basis…it’s for emergencies…or vacation…or Christmas.

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But, when it is so easily accessed, it is hard to consider that money as “money you don’t have”.

So, we had to come up with another plan, and my genius husband came up with a plan that worked wonders last Christmas, and will this year, too!

He said, “Why don’t we put aside some money every paycheck all year for Christmas?”

“Uhhhhh….we have tried that. IT DOESN’T WORK for us!”, I said.

Here’s the genius husband part…get ready!

“No…we have money automatically taken out of our checks every payday and go to a completely different bank that we don’t have a debit card to. The only way we can get it is to physically go to the bank and withdraw it.”

Wait! What? That’s it? 


This method allowed us to save over $1,000 for Christmas last year! It would have been more except we didn’t start it in December…It wasn’t until March that we thought of this and got everything set up. If we had started it in December, and saved for almost a whole year (since we start shopping in Oct or Nov at least), then it would’ve been around $1,500 or $1,600! 

Money- $1,000

This amount is with each of us having $25 taken out of our account every paycheck and put into this other savings account that we can’t touch without going in. With how we get paid (me bi-weekly and my husband weekly) that is $150 per month!

The best part? We don’t even notice the money is gone! 

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Imagine what you spend $25 on…Not daily, but per paycheck…


Fast Food?

So why not put that money towards a less stressful Christmas season?

Last year, when I had to start my shopping (for 3 girls), it was almost strange not to have to worry…or stress…about where I was going to come up with the money.

I don’t know how we managed all of the previous years without it.

Where do you start?

You could do this a few different ways (except YOU manually putting money into the savings, unless you’re more disciplined than me).

My husband had it set up on his paychecks where $25 goes straight to the bank account and he never sees it.

I didn’t feel like asking for the paperwork to do that, so I have a “bill pay” set up on my bank account that automatically sends $25 to the savings. I just have to make sure it’s in there for the transfer.

I count it as a bill, therefore, I actually go through with it.

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This doesn’t have to be JUST for Christmas. 

You could set one up as a vacation fund, emergency fund, or whatever you need to save money for (car? downpayment?).

I am thinking about opening another one within the same account for vacation (another thing we have a hard time saving for).

Why go broke, or further into debt, for something you can easily save for?

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If you can swing it, put more than $25 each paycheck. 

If you each get paid bi-weekly, and transfer $50 a piece, that would be $200 per month ($2,000 after 10 months of saving)!

I am sure you’re reading this thinking, “Well, it’s a little late this year, don’t you think?”

Yes, I agree…but you can open one NOW for next year, and look forward to the stress-free shopping for next year!

I hope this helps!




By Jesica: The Proverbs Mama

Busy, but BLESSED. Yep, that's me! My name is Jesica (yes, one 's') and I am a wife of a gorgeous, loving husband, a mom of three fantastic, beautiful girls (as well as a HUGE German Shepherd and an adorable chocolate lab). Oh, and I work full-time. So, as you can imagine, I stay pretty busy with a 40-hour work week, cooking, cleaning, gymnastics, ballet, doctor visits, vet visits, grocery shopping...and let's not forget trying to make sure my husband and I make memories other than us running around trying to get work and chores done...whew...So I am sure you're wondering why I started a blog on top of all of that...Well, I am starting a blog to help other moms, not only by giving tips for parenting, cooking, or cleaning, but to let you know that NONE of us are perfect and we ALL do things that we are sure NO OTHER mom does. Well, I am here to tell you that we ALL do that thing that you're sure NO OTHER mom does. So, grab a cup of coffee (or whatever your preference) and start feeling GOOD about your abilities as a mom, dad, wife, or husband. For we are fearfully and wonderfully made by our God, and His works are MARVELOUS.

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