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Hello everyone! Welcome to my new blog!

I know I have an “About Me” page, but I wanted to take the opportunity to write this and tell you about the various subjects I may or may not discuss.

As you probably guessed by the name of my blog, you will find scripture, parental advice, recipes, family/marital stories and advice, etc…

Basically, the same subjects that you would find on a lot of other “mommy blogs”.

However, I feel like mine may be a bit different than a lot of the blogs out there.

I work full-time…I have three kids…and I am happily married. 

So, when I would get online looking for advice or ideas or just something to relate to, I had a hard time finding it. 


Well, first, let me say I am NOT dissing any SAHM (stay at home mom)! 

I know from experience that being at home all day cleaning, cooking, and caring for the children is not easy either.

Whether you stay at home, or you work, it all has it’s own level of hard.

That being said, to answer why I had a hard time finding a “relatable” blog…

Because for the most part, the blogs were either written by SAHM or superwomen.

Unfortunately, I am neither.

So, I decided to use my love for writing (albeit amateur) and create a blog full of…

  • Easy, fast, and cheap recipes (the less dishes, the better)
  • How to stay motivated throughout the day (nothing special)
  • Cleaning tips and tricks 
  • Bible scripture (and even Christian songs) for you to refer to for REAL help. I couldn’t make it without God or His word.

You probably get it by now.

My goal is to discuss  things I deal with on a regular basis myself so I can put a “relatable” spin on things. 

Don’t get me wrong…It won’t all be about me, me, me.

It will be REAL… 

It’ll be things you, as the reader, can relate to…

I want you to read my posts and think, “That’s me!”

So, if you’re looking to relate…

If you’re looking for real…

If you’re looking for ideas that will actually help you…

Then The Proverbs Mama is the place for you.

I will give you something to relate to…

I will show you scripture that ALWAYS helps me when I feel irritable, overwhelmed, sad, angry, and even happy!

And I will even try to give you some laughs while I’m at it.

I appreciate you even giving my blog a glance, and I truly look forward to growing this blog into a place where we imperfect women (or men) can come together and know we are NOT alone.

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